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Video Highlights: Fashion

From the catwalk to the sidewalk, video on Instagram is offering a new way to showcase fashion. Here are some exciting ways we’ve already seen the fashion community embrace video:

Taking us behind the scenes of photo shoots, runway shows & more

Giving a glimpse of your everyday life

Highlighting or previewing new lines and latest trends

Sharing your inspiration or creative process

Promoting your latest interactive campaign

Here are some other video ideas for the fashion community

  • Making of: Tell us the story and craftsmanship behind a particular fashion piece
  • Crowdsourcing: Ask followers to submit videos of themselves in your latest handbag or apparel
  • Retailer website integration: Many retailer websites already include photos from shoppers in fitting rooms that let online buyers see how an item of clothing looks on an everyday person. Take this to the next level with 15s videos


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Video Highlights: Music

Instagram already has a thriving community of musicians, and video now makes it possible for artists to connect with their fans in a way they couldn’t before by giving silent, static images a voice and movement. Here are some great ways we’ve seen musicians and the music community using video on Instagram:

Get fans excited to purchase albums and concert tickets by offering previews of songs or announcing tours.

Bring fans along with you and show them a unique point of view, whether it be from the concert stage or your everyday life.

Connect authentically with fans by singing or performing live.

Let fans experience your music directly in a way they couldn’t before.

Here are a few other ideas for how the music community can use video on Instagram:

  • Take your fans on tour: take video from on-stage and add them to your photo map so fans can follow along your tour stops
  • Crowdsource from fans: collect fan videos from concerts and display them online (ideally on a visual map) so that fans everywhere can get a front row view
  • Make a music videogram: create an exclusive 15s music video to complement an existing video or for your personal favorite song from your album


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Video Highlights: Live from Wimbledon

Wimbledon (@wimbledon), the world’s oldest tennis tournament, is using Instagram to allow legions of tennis fans to share in the moments from this year’s games.

Even before the start of Day One at Wimbledon, fans were treated to a tour of Center Court and a behind-the-scenes look at tennis’ biggest (and littlest!) stars practicing. Coverage has continued throughout the tournament, providing fans access to their favorite athletes, exclusive vantage points, and memorable moments such as the upset of Nadal and Federer. Former champ Boris Becker took fans on a photo tour that covered everything from the press center to the first court he played on, and shared the tour across @wimbledon, @bbcsport and his own account @borisbeckerofficial. Even fans camping out shared their moments in line at the Wimbledon Queue.

Wimbledon is using hashtags such as #wimbledon and #federer to allow fans to easily discover the content. Sponsors are taking part on Instagram as well — @nike highlighted their partnership with Federer and @ralphlauren encouraged fans to learn about the unique traditions of Wimbledon on their magazine.

We think Wimbledon is a great example of how Instagram can help drive engagement with sports events. Other general best practices for sports events we’d recommend include:

  • Give fans content before, during and after the event
  • Post regularly (at least once a day) to engage fans consistently
  • Encourage athletes to participate from their own Instagram accounts to connect their loyal fan base with the event
  • Have sponsors for both athletes and the event participate from their accounts
  • Use hashtags and location tags to surface content and make it easy to find
  • Crowdsource from attendees to invite them to share their experience at the event

Wimbledon runs from June 24 through July 7, and we can’t wait to see more of the action in the next few days!


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Video Highlights: News

There’s no shortage of compelling stories being shared on Instagram, and we encourage news organizations to tap into the conversation. Here are three ways news organizations are already using video on Instagram:

Instagram allows you to tap into 130M monthly active users and see the world as they see it on the ground, in real-time.

  • CNN’s community journalism platform @CNNiReport invited users to share first day of summer videos by tagging #cnnireport
  • Late Night’s @jimmyfallon invited his followers to share and tag videos #fallon15 so they could be part of the show

Your cameras and journalists have access to places and parts of the world few get to experience. Video provides a powerful way of giving your followers access behind the scenes or a glimpse into the action as it happens.

Instagram has always been a place where compelling visual stories are shared with the world, and we’ve seen powerful examples of real-time reporting during major news events - such as the devastating Moore, Oklahoma tornado and the meteor over Chelyabinsk, Russia . Now we are seeing examples of news in video, both from journalists and the broader Instagram community.


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Tips: How To Shoot Video on Instagram

We’ve seen some great videos being posted on Instagram and thought it would be helpful to share some basic tips on shooting video that we’ve gathered from the community. Stay tuned for more advanced tips from professional videographers!

Just like with photos, make sure you have good lighting when you are shooting. Natural lighting usually works great, but remember to avoid direct sunlight if you are shooting outdoors.

One starting point is the “rule of thirds”: imagine that your video screen is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally like a tic-tac-toe grid. Placing points of interest at the intersection of the lines helps create images that are visually stimulating and balanced. Varying the angle you are shooting at from eye-level to either higher or lower angles can also help highlight interesting perspectives.

All videos are recorded with audio. When you are recording, consider connecting to an external microphone or using your hands-free set, which has a built-in microphone. For more tips on audio, check out this post from our Community Team.

Keep the camera still by placing it either on a stable, flat surface or a tripod/gorillapod. Video on Instagram for iOS devices also comes automatically with a built-in Cinema feature that provides stabilization if you are holding your camera.


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Best Practices: Creating Video Content

Post content that allows your followers to share in your experiences and adventures. Give them access to moments they can’t see anywhere else by taking them behind the scenes or showing them a glimpse of your everyday life.
Example: @wearephoenix gave fans a sneak peek into the making of their next music video

Bring your followers along for an event through your videos. Generate excitement leading up to the event with behind the scenes teasers, provide real-time coverage during the event and keep momentum going afterwards with post-event exclusives.
Example: @NBA brought Instagrammers into the action before, during and after the NBA finals

Video lets you bring static moments to life. Think about the types of photos you may already be posting and how you can use video to add depth in a way that is consistent with your overall brand and messaging.
Example: @charitywater told their story of bringing clean water to Sarpan Gamanga and her family

You now have 15 seconds to tell a story. Think about new use cases and how you can use the 15 seconds to add a dimension to the stories you are already telling.
Example: @burberry gave a behind the scenes look at their Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 runway show

Remember to add relevant hashtags and location tags to make it easy to find your content. Expand your audience and reach by sharing your video across other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
Example: @themuseumofmodernart is using #rainroom to help followers like @chriscush share their experience in the Rain Room exhibition

Video on Instagram makes creating high-quality content simple. Use the editing feature to add and delete clips to weave together a story. Choose from 13 filters to make your footage even more beautiful. Select a cover photo that captures the key moment in your video and piques the interest of your followers.
Example: local roaster @vervecoffee highlighted the art of latte making

We’re excited to see how you start using video to share your stories. Keep an eye out here for more tips and tricks on how to shoot video using Instagram.


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Tips for News and Media Organizations

Millions of people around the world are documenting their lives on Instagram every second of every day. From personal moments to major world events, Instagram is the place to instantly communicate through images.

As a news or media organization, the ability to tap into the conversations and the content that people are sharing around the world can be incredibly powerful. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your Instagram presence:

Use compelling images to drive traffic: Capture users’s attention on Instagram and direct them to your site for deeper engagement

  • Post compelling photos that capture attention and generate excitement
  • Use your Instagram account to build your brand and establish connection with your audience through images
  • When posting a photo on Instagram, include links to articles or photo galleries in the comment and share to other social networks. View the links on Twitter, Facebook and Webstagram

Leverage the Instagram API to crowdsource photos: Use hashtag and location targeting to find relevant user generated Instagram photos for news reports or articles

Curate images to tell a story: Curation is more powerful than aggregation. Use tagged photos to gain insights and present the content in a meaningful way.



Instagram Best Practices

To see more tips and examples, visit our Instagram for Business help center.

Make sure you sign up for a personal account as well so you can experience what a user experiences. You’ll discover how you want to consume content, how you interact with other users and what type of images you find interesting.

Post photos that users can’t see anywhere else – behind the scenes photos or sneak peeks of what’s to come. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and pay attention to what users like and comment on most. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your photos more beautiful.
Example: Shwood Eyewear

The photos you post tell a story about your brand. Users can tell when you’ve put thought into every photo you post. Being authentic about the content you share will help you build genuine connections with your followers.
Example: Almond Surfboards

Connecting your Instagram account to your other social networks is a great way to let your followers know you’ve joined Instagram and to grow your audience. It also makes it easy to share the content you post on Instagram to your other accounts in order to increase your reach and exposure.
Example: Puma Sailing shares their Instagram photos on Tumblr and Twitter

Users generally like to see a variety of photos from different accounts in their feed. Post often enough to keep users engaged, but keep them wanting more. Spread your posts out throughout the day or over multiple days.
Example: charity: water

Interact with the Instagram community, both in the app and in person. Ask questions in your caption and respond to comments. Engage with your local Instagram Meetup groups. Encourage users to hashtag photos at your events.
Example: NBC News Hashtag Collections