Photo Map Spotlight: @alifewortheating

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Adam Goldberg, the man behind A Life Worth Eating, travels around the world exploring his passion for great food. Along with documenting his adventures on the blog, he also posts images to Instagram and adds them to his Photo Map along the way.

“Instagram is the tool that enables me to instantly capture and share what’s in front of me, from a basket of just-picked garden vegetables to a skyline view of Manhattan from 35k feet,” says Goldberg. “The immediacy of Instagram — the fact that I can share what I’m seeing with thousands of people in a few seconds — is magical.”

By using the Photo Map feature, @alifewortheating gives users the option to follow along with experiences as they happen or to go back and explore the food and culture of specific regions. They can dive into nearby restaurants or simply browse from country to country around the world.

Visit @alifewortheating's Photo Map to explore the rest of his culinary adventures!