Explore the World with The North Face Athletes

The North Face (@thenorthface) is bringing their followers to places they will never ever be able to travel, in a very intimate way, via Instagram. They are giving users access to their favorite athletes and helping them discover new ones and new places.

The North Face established an Athlete Instagram Field Team to contribute photos from remote places around the world and to bring people to places they would likely never see. Their main goal is to inspire people to get outdoors and get after it, just as they see the athletes doing. The North Face tries to share as many action-oriented, face-melting images as possible and hopes that seeing the athletes exploring their potential in beautiful, remote places will inspire followers to challenge themselves as well.

Here are a few examples of the athletes you can find featured on the @thenorthface account:

  • World-class rock climber Conrad Anker (@conradclimber) took a self-portrait from 8,800 meters on the South East Ridge of Everest on the calmest day of the 2012 pre-monsoon climbing season. Conrad attempted the same climb 13 years prior in bad weather, but did not capture a photo.
  • Snowboarder Moss Halladay (@mosshalladay) posting from atop a mountain on a snowboarding trip to Cerro Bayo, Argentina.
  • Ultrarunner Nikki Kimball setting the current women’s speed record on Vermont’s 273-mile Long Trail. Kimball completed the trail in 5 days, 7 hours and 42 minutes, putting her in the top five speed records of all time.

Through the eyes of their athletes, The North Face is taking users on unparalleled adventures all around the world. Follow @thenorthface to see more photos from The North Face athletes.