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Communicating a Brand’s Unique Point of View with Hyperlapse from Instagram

Last week, we launched Hyperlapse from Instagram, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos. Since Hyperlapse is all about capturing objects, people and places in motion, we’ve been keeping an eye out for how brands are using the app—and taking advantage of its unique video stablization technology—to show a different, more creative side of their businesses that people don’t normally see.

Here are some of our favorite examples of Hyperlapses representing a few themes we’re seeing emerge among brands in the community:

1. Behind the scenes: Flying through the narrow corridors of their New York City office, @voguemagazine gives a sneak peek into the day-to-day world of an editor at a top fashion magazine. An employee at @burtonsnowboard captures a coworker heading into the skate park at their Vermont headquarters.

2. Products in the making: In a Hyperlapse of a ceramicist trimming a clay cup while it’s still on the pottery wheel, @shopmazazma gives viewers a chance to appreciate the artistry and precision behind their hand-made homewares. @ohhappyday takes a playful approach to enlivening their storefront in San Francisco.

3. Services in motion: A @jetblue plane pulls away from a gate, reinforcing the airline’s message of on-time departures.

4. A unique vantage point: Diners probably wondered what was going on when the owners of @russanddaughters carried a ladder into their new cafe to capture their famous smoked salmon being sliced from above. A flight technician at @3drobotics mounted an iPhone to a 3DR x8 drone and set it free above the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to these examples, be sure to check out many more great examples from the community here.


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Herschel Supply Crafts a Brand Narrative of Stylish Wanderlust on Instagram

With a growing collection of popular travel gear, Canadian retailer Herschel Supply could easily use their Instagram account as a visual product catalogue featuring glossy shots of backpacks, wallets, and duffels to showcase the brand’s trademark style of chic ruggedness.

But Herschel Supply’s online marketing team, led by social media manager Allison Butula, knows it takes more than beautiful images of standalone products to build a brand. And more importantly, she wants to tell the brand’s story.

We recently invited Allison to Instagram HQ to share some tips for other brand marketers who are looking to use Instagram as a powerful medium for visual storytelling. “When we look for photos to feature on our Instagram account, we’re looking for photos that fit into our overall brand story of what it means to be ‘well travelled,’” Allison shared. “We’re looking for photos that tell that story in a single image.”

Soon after joining Instagram in October 2012, the Herschel Supply team created two primary hashtags—#welltravelled and #herschelsupply—to build a follower base and engage with consumers across different social media platforms. On Instagram, the team encouraged followers to add the hashtags to photos of inspiring travel scenes and Herschel Supply products as they’re toted into the wild.

Herschel Supply’s followers offer glimpses into that wild—and espouse the brand’s sense of adventure—from locations far-flung or closer to home. “We’re trying to promote everyday travel, as well as aspirational travel,” Allison noted. “We often say ‘well travelled’ which means exploring your surroundings, whether that’s across the world or in your backyard.”

For additional tips, watch this short video featuring Allison and examples of some of the great content published by @herschelsupply.


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Michael Kors Enlists Help in the Fight to End Hunger

It’s not every day that Instagrammers have a chance to see their photos on the big screen in New York’s Times Square. But earlier this month Michael Kors (@michaelkors) made that possible for people who shared Instagram photos (like those above) to help spread the word about World Food Day, using the hashtag #watchhungerstop.

Fashion designer Michael Kors has been a longtime supporter of the fight to end hunger. This year his company decided to adopt the cause officially by partnering with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to launch a long term initiative called Watch Hunger Stop. In April, Kors unveiled a special edition timepiece, the 100 series watch, to support WFP. An engraving on the back of the watch includes his signature, the name of the campaign and the message: 1 WATCH = 100 MEALS.

Many global brands have causes they’re passionate about, using their voice to raise awareness and inspire action. But it can be a challenge to figure out how to get customers involved beyond making a purchase or donation. This is where the company turned to the Instagram community, streaming photos with the hashtag #watchhungerstop to 12 billboards in Times Square on October 16, World Food Day.

Given that 350,000 pedestrians visit the tourist hot spot on an average day, and another 115,000 pass through on wheels, there’s no doubt the images made an impact. In fact Michael Kors reported that the Times Square billboards delivered 1.5 million impressions on the day of the campaign.

It’s important to note that the Instagrammers who took part also helped educate their own followers about global hunger, even if the screens that broadcast their messages were a bit smaller than those in New York City.



Oscar de la Renta Fall Campaign Exclusive

Last week, fashion house Oscar de la Renta gave Instagram followers an exclusive first look at their fall ad campaign. The campaign was shot in New York City by photographer Norman Jean Roy and features models Kate Bogucharskaia, Patricija Motiejunaite and Iris Van Berne.

@oscarprgirl, senior VP of global communications Erika Bearman, released seven images on Instagram weeks before the full-size ad campaign will appear in magazines on newsstands. @oscarprgirl piqued follower interest by notifying them hours before the images were released through a teaser. In addition to showcasing the fall collection, the posts also directed followers to the Oscar de La Renta website where they could pre-order items from the collection. Followers can discover the content easily via the #ODLRfall13 hashtag.


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Video Highlights: Fashion

From the catwalk to the sidewalk, video on Instagram is offering a new way to showcase fashion. Here are some exciting ways we’ve already seen the fashion community embrace video:

Taking us behind the scenes of photo shoots, runway shows & more

Giving a glimpse of your everyday life

Highlighting or previewing new lines and latest trends

Sharing your inspiration or creative process

Promoting your latest interactive campaign

Here are some other video ideas for the fashion community

  • Making of: Tell us the story and craftsmanship behind a particular fashion piece
  • Crowdsourcing: Ask followers to submit videos of themselves in your latest handbag or apparel
  • Retailer website integration: Many retailer websites already include photos from shoppers in fitting rooms that let online buyers see how an item of clothing looks on an everyday person. Take this to the next level with 15s videos


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API Highlight: Tiffany’s #TrueLovePictures

For 175 years, Tiffany & Co. has played a role in the world’s greatest love stories. The spontaneous expressions of romance by Tiffany’s Instagram fans and the company’s belief that some of the most romantic love stories come from real life inspired its #truelovepictures campaign.

For this campaign, Tiffany (@tiffanyandco) asked its audience to share their love stories through a series of photos and captions with the hashtag #truelovepictures. Tiffany provided romantic phrases like, “My heart skips a beat when…” inviting users to creatively fill in the blank and share photographs inspired by these unique captions. Users were also able to submit their moments of true love through Tiffany’s iPhone app and its microsite, To kick off the campaign, Tiffany launched the gallery with images by The Sartorialist and Garance Doré and invited Instagrammers with a romantic sensibility to participate, too.

For a brief time during the campaign, Tiffany offered to turn users’ digital submissions into physical postcards—and mail them “to that special someone.” Later, it introduced Love Notes, a personalized way for fans to send their photos and captions via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. All of this content joins other celebrations of true love on One recent highlight is #TiffanyPoetry, a romantic poem written by three poets exclusively for Tiffany and unveiled this month on Twitter. The site also offers Love is Everywhere, an interactive map that allows users to share places important to their romance.

Tiffany accepted thousands of submissions for #truelovepictures. The effort created such memorable, moving stories that Tiffany has launched a follow-up campaign called #TimelessTrueLove, which invites users to share images with a nostalgic feel.

View more #truelovepictures in the True Love in Pictures gallery.


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API Highlight: Burberry Live from the Runway

The Instagram API is a great way to surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second in fun and innovative ways. Use the API to access photos based on things like username, location or hashtag.

Burberry’s Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 runway collection debuted in Milan, but was seen around the world. The show was called “Come Rain or Shine” as a play on British weather. To emphasize the point, the roof was ripped off the venue moments before the show began.

Along with all of the professional photography, Burberry snapped Instagram photos throughout the show. They posted photos leading up to the event to build excitement and to give followers a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes. They shared photos of the collection throughout the event and even caught up with a few of the models backstage after the show.

Those who weren’t able to attend in person didn’t miss out on the show. In fact, they probably got a better view than the guests in the audience. Burberry created an interactive, on demand experience for fans to view the show on The site incorporates video footage of the entire event, images and descriptions of each look that can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and uses the Instagram API to pull in a feed of the Instagram photos taken during the event. The images and Instagram photos are synced with the video to create a richer way for viewers to experience and share the looks.

View the show here and check out the rest of Burberry’s Instagram photos here.