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Nike PHOTOiD integrates Customization with Instagram

Nike (@nike) recently introduced a new way to customize your NIKEiD experience using your Instagram photos. Through the Nike PHOTOiD experience, you can now choose your favorite Instagram photo, and PHOTOiD will customize the Nike Air Max model of your choice based on the colors in the photo. From there, you can immediately purchase or share the photo of your custom-designed shoe.

Nike PHOTOiD emphasizes the social aspect of the NIKEiD experience. Nike PHOTOiD is easy to access via mobile, tablet or desktop devices where participants are encouraged to share their designs through social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Designs are also showcased in an online gallery where users can browse designs from throughout the Instagram community based on color and model.

Want to create your own Nike PHOTOiD design? Visit To see the designs that have already been created, visit the gallery or browse the #photoid photos on Instagram.


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Photos from the Heart

The Instagram API is a great way to surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second in fun and innovative ways. Use the API to access photos based on things like username, location or hashtag.

Heartwalk is an art installation in Times Square built entirely from wooden planks salvaged from the various boardwalks destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Over the past month, Situ Studio (@situstudio) brought their followers along as they visited demolition sites to reclaim the wood. Users were able to watch as the wooden planks were transformed into a beautiful work of art.

Now finished, the planks form a heart shaped enclosure where visitors can pause and reflect from within the heart of the city. Visitors are encouraged to post their photos to Instagram with the hashtag #HeartwalkTSQ. The photos are being pulled into a visualization created by HD Made (@hdmade) and displayed on through use of the Instagram API.

Heartwalk was created by Situ Studio (@situstudio) with support from Times Square Alliance (@TimesSquareNYC) and Design Trust for Public Space. The installation was the winning proposal in the Times Square Alliance’s annual Valentine Heart Competition.

To view more, visit the Times Square Alliance or Situ Studio Instagram profiles or check out more #HeartwalkTSQ photos.


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API Highlight: Tiffany’s #TrueLovePictures

For 175 years, Tiffany & Co. has played a role in the world’s greatest love stories. The spontaneous expressions of romance by Tiffany’s Instagram fans and the company’s belief that some of the most romantic love stories come from real life inspired its #truelovepictures campaign.

For this campaign, Tiffany (@tiffanyandco) asked its audience to share their love stories through a series of photos and captions with the hashtag #truelovepictures. Tiffany provided romantic phrases like, “My heart skips a beat when…” inviting users to creatively fill in the blank and share photographs inspired by these unique captions. Users were also able to submit their moments of true love through Tiffany’s iPhone app and its microsite, To kick off the campaign, Tiffany launched the gallery with images by The Sartorialist and Garance Doré and invited Instagrammers with a romantic sensibility to participate, too.

For a brief time during the campaign, Tiffany offered to turn users’ digital submissions into physical postcards—and mail them “to that special someone.” Later, it introduced Love Notes, a personalized way for fans to send their photos and captions via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter. All of this content joins other celebrations of true love on One recent highlight is #TiffanyPoetry, a romantic poem written by three poets exclusively for Tiffany and unveiled this month on Twitter. The site also offers Love is Everywhere, an interactive map that allows users to share places important to their romance.

Tiffany accepted thousands of submissions for #truelovepictures. The effort created such memorable, moving stories that Tiffany has launched a follow-up campaign called #TimelessTrueLove, which invites users to share images with a nostalgic feel.

View more #truelovepictures in the True Love in Pictures gallery.


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API Highlight: Burberry Live from the Runway

The Instagram API is a great way to surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second in fun and innovative ways. Use the API to access photos based on things like username, location or hashtag.

Burberry’s Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2013 runway collection debuted in Milan, but was seen around the world. The show was called “Come Rain or Shine” as a play on British weather. To emphasize the point, the roof was ripped off the venue moments before the show began.

Along with all of the professional photography, Burberry snapped Instagram photos throughout the show. They posted photos leading up to the event to build excitement and to give followers a glimpse into what happens behind the scenes. They shared photos of the collection throughout the event and even caught up with a few of the models backstage after the show.

Those who weren’t able to attend in person didn’t miss out on the show. In fact, they probably got a better view than the guests in the audience. Burberry created an interactive, on demand experience for fans to view the show on The site incorporates video footage of the entire event, images and descriptions of each look that can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and uses the Instagram API to pull in a feed of the Instagram photos taken during the event. The images and Instagram photos are synced with the video to create a richer way for viewers to experience and share the looks.

View the show here and check out the rest of Burberry’s Instagram photos here.


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API Highlight: Major League Baseball

The Instagram API is a great way to surface the amazing content Instagram users share every second in fun and innovative ways. Visit our Developer Page for more information.

Major League Baseball is on Instagram! The league itself and all of the individual teams are posting highlights from behind the cameras, in the dugout, on the field and from the bleacher seats. They’re even getting the mascots involved.

In addition to posting on Instagram, the MLB is also using the Instagram API to showcase their photos on their website. The MLB Instagram gallery displays all of the photos posted by @mlbofficial and provides dropdown links to each of the individual team galleries as well.

By using the API, the MLB has created a customized viewing experience for their fans that is fully integrated with the rest of their online presence. Check out the MLB Instagram galleries at