Lexus Instafilm

During the 7th Worldwide Instameet this summer, Lexus and more than 200 Instagrammers joined forces to create the LexusInstafilm. The LexusInstafilm features the new 2014 Lexus IS and is the first collaboratively created stop-motion film using Instagram photos.

Lexus invited participants from both the Instagram and auto enthusiast communities to take part in the project, which took place over the course of a day at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. Participants used only their mobile devices to take and edit photos before sharing them on Instagram with hashtags such as #frame203 to indicate where in the video sequence they should fall. The images were then digitally sequenced together by Lexus on the same day to create the complete film.

Check out this video or browse the #lexusinstafilm hashtag to go behind the scenes of the project and to see the day from the participants’ perspectives. To see each individual frame used in the final film, check out @lexusinstafilm.