Tips: How To Shoot Video on Instagram

We’ve seen some great videos being posted on Instagram and thought it would be helpful to share some basic tips on shooting video that we’ve gathered from the community. Stay tuned for more advanced tips from professional videographers!

Just like with photos, make sure you have good lighting when you are shooting. Natural lighting usually works great, but remember to avoid direct sunlight if you are shooting outdoors.

One starting point is the “rule of thirds”: imagine that your video screen is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally like a tic-tac-toe grid. Placing points of interest at the intersection of the lines helps create images that are visually stimulating and balanced. Varying the angle you are shooting at from eye-level to either higher or lower angles can also help highlight interesting perspectives.

All videos are recorded with audio. When you are recording, consider connecting to an external microphone or using your hands-free set, which has a built-in microphone. For more tips on audio, check out this post from our Community Team.

Keep the camera still by placing it either on a stable, flat surface or a tripod/gorillapod. Video on Instagram for iOS devices also comes automatically with a built-in Cinema feature that provides stabilization if you are holding your camera.