Tips for News and Media Organizations

Millions of people around the world are documenting their lives on Instagram every second of every day. From personal moments to major world events, Instagram is the place to instantly communicate through images.

As a news or media organization, the ability to tap into the conversations and the content that people are sharing around the world can be incredibly powerful. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your Instagram presence:

Use compelling images to drive traffic: Capture users’s attention on Instagram and direct them to your site for deeper engagement

  • Post compelling photos that capture attention and generate excitement
  • Use your Instagram account to build your brand and establish connection with your audience through images
  • When posting a photo on Instagram, include links to articles or photo galleries in the comment and share to other social networks. View the links on Twitter, Facebook and Webstagram

Leverage the Instagram API to crowdsource photos: Use hashtag and location targeting to find relevant user generated Instagram photos for news reports or articles

Curate images to tell a story: Curation is more powerful than aggregation. Use tagged photos to gain insights and present the content in a meaningful way.