A Day in the Life with Billboard

Billboard is an international music publication that features information on trends and innovation in music and provides popular music charts, breaking music news and artist interviews. Following @billboard on Instagram will get you access to behind the scenes coverage and original music photography from live events, exclusive portraits, festivals and fashion.

One of Billboard’s regular features is a “Day In The Life” series that uses its exclusive access to give followers a glimpse into the lives of their favorite artists. They shadow popular bands and artists such as Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, B.o.B. and One Direction as they go through an average day.

The series is a great example of how to use Instagram to highlight the work that your brand is already doing and to ultimately drive traffic back to your site. Billboard posts mobile highlights to Instagram in real-time to give fans a sneak peak, then follows up with a full DSLR gallery on Billboard.com the next day. They give their Instagram followers exclusive content within the app and use it to build anticipation for the full story and image gallery on Billboard.com.

View all of Billboard’s Instagram photos or visit their website to view more photos from their Day in the Life series.